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Welcome to the Geddes Brogan Genealogy Web Site

Welcome to the Geddes Brogan Genealogy web site. For many years I have been compiling details of our family tree and heritage and on this site I hope to be able to share that information with you.
Our families are mainly Irish and Scottish descent  and over the years different members of the family have spread all over the world.

Geddes & Brogan Timelines 
The 'Geddes and Brogan Timelines' provide notable chronological events relating to the ancestors and the country or district they were living in. The projects are on going and hopefully I can push the date further back when information becomes available.
For detailed genealogy information, relating to the people detailed in the Timelines, visit the Geddes Tree or Brogan Tree  Web-Sites and follow the links to my Genealogy pages where I have recorded the marriages, births and deaths of those ancestors detailed in the Time-Lines.

This area of Fife includes the villages of Glengraig, Crosshill, Lochore and Ballingry. Before the mining industry engulfed this area these were small agricultural settlements but almost all of the information contained in this page, relates to the eighty odd years of the mining industry.
As the name suggests, it is a page of pure nostalga. Some photos are named, dated and are probably known to most of us. Others, unfortunately may never be identified but if you can put a name to any of them, please do. 
I have listed some interesting reading and some not so interesting.
Some links you may find of interest. 

I myself now live in the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey with my family. For those of you who don't know it, Guernsey is a small Island in the Bay of St Malo, which is between the south coast of England and the north coast of France. In fact on a clear day we can see France it is that close.  

Angie, Mick and Buffy


The picture above is of my wife Angela and I, with our dog Buffy, taken in our front garden.
For more information on Guernsey, who would be more qualified than the Americans. Click on the site below and almost all will be revealed.

The picture below was taken from  Les Cotils gardens, looking east over St. Peter Port Harbour and out towards the Islands of Herm, Jethou (top left) and Sark off to the right.

St Peter Port Harbour

 On the horizon to the right of Sark is the Island of Jersey and on a clear day the Shoreline of France can be seen.