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Family Photo Album

On this page I'll describe each member of my family. Here's an example of a format I might use.



    My mother was born on the 12th. of April 1906 in Sherwood Cottages, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland in the reign of Edward 7th. During her life time, she would see another three kings and one Queen and no doubt would have read about the sinking of the Titanic and endured the trauma of two world wars, the Malaysian Troubles where her eldest son would see military action. The national strike of 1926 where her father and brothers would be heavily involved would have probably been a memorable event in her life.
    Jane relocated to Fife sometime between 1910 and 1912 with her family and would live at Waverly Street, Lochore in Fife. At that time Jane had four sisters, Annie, Maggie, Nelly, Mary and five brothers, Mick, Andrew, Pat, John, James and Matt. She would have another brother Joe who would be born in Fife in 1914. Her older sister Annie married William Jarrot in Edinburgh sometime during 1910 and remained in Edinburgh. 



Here I might describe my Dad, including such information as where and when he was born and where he went to school. I'll also write about where he works and some of his interests.

My brothers and Sisters

A mother playing with children; Size=180 pixels wide

Here I might write about my children. I will write when they were born and what grade they are currently in. I will also mention some the teams and organizations they are involved with.

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Other Relatives

Here I might talk about other people in my family, or include a picture of all of us together at some special event.